yajun ss19 offers a handful of options

Only a few days ago the Shanghai-based designer Yajun Melody Lin presented her Spring/Summer 2019 collection during the New York Fashion Week. The collection took inspiration from Douglas Hofstadter’s book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, with a focus on self-reference.

The 23 pieces were made of various fabrics, (some of them which were already used in her previous collection) such as, tulle and nylon. This season she also added new colours and textures. The eccentric colours including pink, red, mustard yellow, sage green, and white brightened the collection, while the new textures like plaid took it to another dimension.

Lin’s secret, however, lies in her cutting skills. The asymmetric, deconstructed and gender-neutral clothes could be worn in multiple ways – the pants transformed into skirts by unzipping from the back and the large utility pockets with straps could serve as handbags.

I was really inspired, because I feel that philosophy works in mathematics, in art, and I can use it in clothes. I want people to question what they’re seeing,” – said Yajun Melody Lin after the show in an interview with Vogue.

Credits: Yajunnewyork.com and Vogue.com

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