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At this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week COLLAGE is paying tribute to expression. 

By bringing together fashion creatives, professionals and designers like Willy Chavarria, Eva Al Desnudo, Elisabet Stamm and other creatives and showcase their work, we host a night to celebrate the fashion community and inspire fashion enthusiasts of all traits. Through questions about drive, inspiration and creative expression we compiled an editorial for each along with a selection of their personal work. Check out the editorials by visiting each creative profile.

London based fashion photographer Eva Al Desnudo has worked with the likes of Highsnobiety, Vogue, Dazed and many more. Eva’s exceptional talent has been recognised by British fashion awards as a nominated creative. Her recognition goes beyond UK and has led her to work with various people across the world, American stars such as Offset from the Migos and fashion icon ASAP Rocky. We had the opportunity to get a closer insight into Eva Al Desnudo’s work through a personal interview about her creative expression. 

“I  have a different understanding 

of beauty. I’m attracted to imperfection, so I think this 

remains in all my work.” 

Eva Al Desnudo

Read the full editorial on Eva Al Desnudo’s profile.

Designer Willy chavarria is all about the heart and intention behind his brand, concerned with using fashion to better the lives of others and raise awareness of humanitarian issues. This is something he clearly stands for personally and presents in his brand. Chavarria’s latest spring collection collaborating with Danish sports brand Hummel goes above and beyond by sponsoring a soccer organisation  for immigrant asylum seekers and refugees. The Collage team had the privilege of interviewing Willy Chavarria himself. His replies were insightful and confirms all that is brand stands for.

“Human rights issues are important to me and my brand will always take a firm position on what is good for mankind.”

Willy chavarria 


Read the full editorial on Willy Chavarria’s profile.

The Collage team was eager to get to know Elisabet Stamm the person behind the ambitious and forward brand AA Spectrum. Elisabet answered our questions with integrity allowing us a glimpse into who she is and how she became that way. The brand is a reflection of her values and embodiment of her way of thinking, pouring her heart into what she loves and cares about and fashion lovers around the world are reaping the benefits.

“I get inspired by the artists within any field. Who can capture the tension within darkness and light, who can express themselves and still be humane. I like superheroes, but I love everyday heroes”.

Elisabet Stamm 

 Read the full editorial on Elisabet Staam profile.

Photographer Danny Lim was born and raised in Malaysia. His career has led him to the big city of New York where he has worked on intriguing projects with Vice, Office magazine and Fucking Young magazine, just to name a few. Danny’s Lim’s innovative editorials caught our attention here at Collage, we reached out to him and got the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say. 

“Photography allows me to 

visually express what I have 

visualised in my head. 

It’s like making a painting 

with a different tool”.

Danny Lim 

Read the full editorial on Danny Lim profile.

Fashion editor and stylist Ramona Tabita has worked with clients ranging from highsnobiety to Versace.The italian stylist raised by fashion forward parents began her journey writing for fashion magazines and interested in fashion photography, after a few opportunities styling on set, Ramona discovered she had a natural talent. We interviewed Ramona to find out more about her fascinating career and where her inspiration lies. 

“My childhood is my inspiration. The memory of my mother ‘s outfits really inspires me, my parents had a love for fashion that I suppose led me to my career in fashion”.

Ramona Tabita

Read the full editorial on Ramona Tabita’s profile.

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